Image by: Lloyd Arbour – @tablloyd


  • Identifying and addressing structural barriers to Black achievement and wellbeing.
  • Raise awareness of the disparities experienced by ACB communities that limit their access to sustainable livelihoods.
  • Network and collaborate to bring together culturally diverse Black peoples and communities in addressing shared goals and outcomes.
  • Connecting individuals and resources necessary to achieve and maintain equity.


    • Building on the work and labour of Black and racialized communities in the region.
    • Acknowledging that there is a uniqueness and specificity to the expressions and experiences of anti-Black racism in Canada.
    • Applying a critical social justice, decolonial, and collectivist approach to our work.
    • Acknowledging that being Black is a politicized identity deeply entrenched in a long history of community mobilizing.
    • Acknowledging the cultural, gender, and sexual diversity within our communities.